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We wouldn’t know what is silence if there wasn’t noise and we wouldn’t know what is noise if there wasn’t silence. The international day of the deaf is a great opportunity to pay more attention to each other and to silence itself. Because silence is not taciturnity – it is attendance and attention. You can read in silence, play in silence, talk in silence and live in silence. The programmes between the 27th and the 29th of September are for those who cannot hear and for those who can.

Friday, 28th of September – Romkert

17:00 This is how we started Conversations about the deaf and their successes.

18:00 Concert of the members of Muzsikáló Egészség Alapítvány


Saturday, 29th of September – Bem Square, Déri Museum, Romkert

10:00 Silence, please! A procession with earplugs from Bem Square to the Great Church

10:30 Visiting the exhibitions of the Déri Museum (The programme is free for the participants of the event.)

12:00 Tea and coffee for the participants in the Romkert.


All the programmes are free and accompanied by an interpreter.

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