New Year’s Eve

Local News Police

The local police completed their task on New Year`s Eve. They ensured the safety of the city paying special attention
to drunken drivers.

A total of 7 persons have been arrested during the night. Five of them because of vandalism one for drink driving an another one for theft. Among them one was a youngster who throw a fireworks on a police car.

Two juveniles were produced and took back to care home and a homeless man has to follow the officers to a homeless hostel.
Despite the very cold weather nobody froze dead in our county this New Year`s Eve.
On the last day of the year in Debrecen 2 persons been produced to the police station because the not proper use or selling pyrotechnic products.

5 days without accident in Debrecen…

In the first hours of 2011 two drivers license and two registration certificates has been seized by police officers. The causes were drunk driving and expired licenses. The accident prevention propaganda was effective because significantly reduced number of drink driving cases occured this New Year`s Eve.

The Hajdu-Bihar County Police Headquarters wishes a happy, successful and accident-free New Year to everybody.

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