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Debrecen Police Department initiated a procedure against an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of theft.

A victim left a Nokia 5130 cell phone, car ignition key and flat keys unattended on the countertop of a fruit seller in a Debrecen, Szechenyi street store between 15:35 and 15:45 on 14th of October.
The Guste Store`s CCTV security camera recorded that a young, approx. 20 years old 160cm tall white-skinned woman saw the things on the counter and covered it with her black handbag and behaved remarkably confused. She picked up the forgotten things and left the store.

The offender has long dark brown hair. She was wearing a dark colour waistcoat, with a light colour top underneath which had a fur hood. She wore long light blue jeans.

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the attached picture please report in person at the Debrecen Police Department`s Criminal Division during working hours (4 Budai Ezsaias street, Debrecen) Or by phone calling the 06 (52) 516-400, 2259 phone numbers or one of the 107, 112 emergency phone numbers.

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