Scorpion Venom in Medicine


The research team of the Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology of University of Debrecen has reached an outstanding achievement.

The so-called T-cells, that could recognise abnormal cells in the organism were examined by the team. A Mexican team of researchers had also joined the project; cleaned scorpion venom was provided by them. Those biologically active venom components are researched by the team that are capable to block the ion channels; these are small protein-natured peptide toxins that would be able to cure diseases in the future.

The research team was established more than ten years ago. It’s primary task is to examine electrophysiological experiments in the functioning of white corpuscles.

However the results are very reassuring and the project has turned into the phase of experimenting on animals, the actual use in medicine is at least ten years away.

To continue the project, the subsidy is provided by a recently won competition.

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