Verdict: Life imprisonment


The Superior Court of Debrecen sentenced a 35 years old man for life imprisonment.
In 2006 the 31years-old man killed and robbed an elderly couple in Kistokaj.

He had planned that he hid in the garden of the couple lived next door and when they left shopping to Miskolc he stole their values from the empty house. Everything went wrong when the 64 years old victim noticed that somebody was hiding outside. He asked his neighbour what was he doing there and as a responsehe was hit by him.When the victim was on the ground he was beating and choking him. The nearly unconscious man yelled to his spouse.
The accused attacked the 62 years old lady too. She was beaten and strangled by him.
When both of his victims were unconscioushe used an adhesive tape to bound them. The tape unfortunately covered their nose and mouth. After that the man went into the house and took values worth more than 1,5 million forints. He threw the two corpses into the cesspit of the house. Then the accused tried to withdraw cash from a cashpoint in Miskolc butit was not succesful.
The investigation found that the two deaths werecaused by drowning. The decision of theSuperior Courtexacerbated the first instance judgement of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Court. The killer can be conditionally released after 40 years.