Murder on Nyíl Street and missing lady


Hajdú-Bihar County Police had arrested a 34years-old man in suspicion of committing murder on 3th of February 2010. Patrols from Oroszlány Police arrested him because of a suspicion of criminal act in their area.

During his interrogation he told officers that he killed an elderly man on the 1st of February in Debrecen. He was renting a flat from the old victim. Checking the information Hajdú-Bihar County Police have found the apartment house owner dead in hisNyíl Street house. The data collection and the on-site inspection is still going on.

The suspect confessed, told that he quarreled with the owner and struck and kicked him. After he took the dead man’s values within a short time he sold his car for a low price.

The policeis looking for an old lady, Endréné Kárászy,who lived in the same courtyard with the old man. The police has no information about her current location, the missing was reported by the 34years-old suspect on the 18th of January.

Please provide information of her current location calling the 06 52 516-400/2066, or 107, 112 toll free emergency numbers, or report in person at the county police offices (20. Kossuth street).