The opening of the Óbester Hotel


On the 25th of January was the opening ceremony of the Óbester Hotel in Debrecen.
The Hotel commemorates Óbester Simonyi the famous cavalry colonel. The family owned Hotel is the first and only hotel in Hungary which is stand upon the Hussar tradition.

The walls and carpets of the rooms were decorated with traditional hussar/light cavalry relatedmotifs. The four-star Hotel was builtin 1,5 years and cost more than a billion HUF, with a significant 211million came from the EU funds.
There is a nearly 10mwide decorativepainting on thewall inside the Hotel. The owner’s family, friends, constructors and a couple of local politicians and the city’ s mayor Lajos Kósa, and deputy mayor Zoltán Pajna also appears on the painting wearing Hussar uniform.