Seven Child Pornography Videos Found on the Company Computer of a Former Head of State


A man was arrested and detained on suspicion of possessing pornographic recordings of minors, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Capital City is proposing the arrest of the suspect, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office announced on Saturday. Now more details have been shared.

Based on the available data, the accused kept 7 pornographic videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children and 390 pornographic videos depicting the sexual exploitation of children on the company laptop previously provided to him for work purposes and used exclusively by him, the statement says. If proven, the above action of the suspect is suitable for establishing the crime of child pornography committed by holding a pornographic recording of a person under the age of 12, containing torture, they write. The court had no reasonable doubts regarding the well-foundedness of the suspicion.

The defendant lost his job and is currently unemployed, but at the same time he lives in an above-average standard of living and has a large amount of savings, the announcement states. The arrest is also explained by the fact that, without the application of the restriction, the suspect would still have an objective opportunity to influence the investigation even with illegal means, and in particular to hide or destroy physical evidence. Although the suspect has no criminal record, based on the number of recordings and the accused’s testimony, it can be concluded that this was not a one-time, isolated incident. Based on all this, according to the court, there is a real danger that without the use of coercive measures, the suspect would commit another crime of a similar nature, punishable by imprisonment, and be imprisoned.

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