Five Trucks and 37 Cars Collided on M1 Motorway – Both Directions Closed at Herceghalom


Five trucks and 37 cars collided, the M1 highway was closed in both directions near Herceghalom on Saturday afternoon, the Budapest Police Headquarters announced on

According to police information, the accident happened on Saturday around 2:25 p.m. at the 26th kilometer section of the M1 motorway, on the side leading out of the capital. Based on primary data, 19 vehicles burned out. Five trucks and 37 cars were involved in the accident, and a total of 26 people were injured. Six of them are in a life-threatening condition, and seven got seriously injured.

According to the information provided by the disaster management, in addition to the professional firefighters from Tatabánya, Bajna, Törökbálint, Nyergesújfalu, Székesfehérvár, the capital city, the local government and volunteer firefighters from Bicske, the disaster prevention operation service from the counties of Fejér and Komárom-Esztergom arrived at the scene. In the announcement, it was indicated: the fire has been extinguished, the units cooled down and de-energized the vehicles, and four rescue helicopters arrived at the scene for the injured.


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