Woman Dies in a Serious Traffic Accident on M7 Motorway


A car broke through the barrier and drove to the opposite side.

According to the available information, on July 3rd, at around 9:40 a.m., a motorist was driving in the direction of Lake Balaton on the M7 motorway, and then, for an unknown reason, broke through the barrier at the 84th kilometer section and crossed over to the opposite side, writes police.hu.

As a result of the accident, a woman was so seriously injured that she died on the spot.

The investigation continues on the affected section of the road, where the police are diverting traffic to highway number 7.

BalesetInfo writes that the woman traveling in the right front seat of the Citroen did not use her seat belt, flew out and was then run over by an SUV. An ambulance helicopter arrived, but despite quick intervention, she died on the spot.



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