No investigation in baby-case


The babygirl who was wrapped into a plastic bag was still-born, and was no sign of crime, therefore the police closed the investigation against the mother.

The authorities asking the mother tosee a doctor immediatelly, because childbirth without
proper care can lead into serious illness.She canconsult a doctor or turn up to a gynecology or midwifery department of a hospital with impunity -said Mrs Vezendi, police spokeswoman.

She added that last time was 2005 when they found a baby at the Debrecen Zoo. In that case the child was alive so charges were raised against the parents. This case is different because of the still-born.

Outside the entrance of the Midwifery Department of Hospital Kenezy there is an incubator wating for the mothers who do not want to keep their newborn child. In the last six years period only happened once that somebodyleft a baby inside.

The incubator does not give a signal but kepp the baby warm till the staff provide care.

These children will be adopted later.

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