Fidesz Nominates Tamás Sulyok As President of the Republic


The presidential candidate of Fidesz and the KDNP is Dr. Tamás Sulyok, president of the Constitutional Court, Máté Kocsis announced on Thursday afternoon.

The faction supported the personal proposal of the party chairman and prime minister. Tamás Sulyok, who worked as a lawyer until then and is now in his 68th year, was elected a member of the Constitutional Court in the fall of 2014, and became the board’s deputy president the following year. He was elected president of AB in November 2016. He may be the seventh President of the Republic of Hungary after the regime change, and the third jurist after Ferenc Mádl and László Sólyom.

The leader of the Fidesz faction said at the press conference: “on Monday next week, the parliament will decide on the acceptance of the resignation of the former head of state, Katalin Novák, and the ruling party factions will vote on this.”

They consider it right if the Parliament can elect the new President of the Republic as soon as possible, but he has not yet been able to comment on the date of this, it also depends on whether the opposition parties will have a candidate.

Photo: MTI – Szilárd Koszticsák

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