“Red code” due to cold weather comes into effect in three regions in Hungary


Due to the cold weather, the so-called red code is being implemented in three regions, which means that all social institutions are obliged to take in homeless or people in trouble, the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for care policy announced at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

Attila Fülöp announced that in the Southern Great Plain and Northern Hungary, the measure will last from 8 p.m. on Tuesday to 8 a.m. on Saturday, and in the central Hungarian region from 8 p.m. on Tuesday to 8 a.m. on Thursday.

According to meteorological forecasts, the temperature may drop to minus 10 degrees or lower at night in the coming days – the state secretary explained the decision.

Attila Fülöp drew attention to the fact that it can be life-threatening if someone stays on the street for a long time in such weather. He asked everyone who sees a person in trouble to notify the dispatch service of the homeless services. The phone numbers can be found on the kormany.hu website and on government social media pages.

Attila Fülöp said that there are places available at the homeless care providers, the utilization rate of the care providers in Budapest is 80 percent, and that of the national network is 81 percent. The State Secretary asked those concerned to use the service.


Photo: Yvett Frank

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