5 tips on how to learn Hungarian


Even though learning a new language can be an incredible experience, many people find it daunting, especially if it happens to be such a complicated one as Hungarian. However, with the help of our simple guide on how to learn Hungarian quickly and effectively, you will surely enjoy the journey more. Let’s explore some useful tricks on how to master this complex yet fascinating language!

1.  Memorise the alphabet first

Learning the alphabet is an exciting and crucial step in your path to learning Hungarian. The Hungarian alphabet can be a bit intimidating at first given the fact that it consists of 44 letters. The good news is that it is mostly phonetic— once you learn which letter corresponds to which sounds you will be able to read Hungarian pretty decently. Apart from a few traditional forms and exceptions, this rule stands.

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2.  Watch easy YouTube videos

YouTube can be an amazing tool to learn Hungarian. There is plenty of Hungarian language courses on YouTube, and the good news is: they are all free! If you type ‘learn Hungarian’ in the search box, you will be surprised by how many results come up. No matter your current level in Hungarian, you are guaranteed to find content that suits your competence. You can specifically look for key phrases such as basics, alphabet, phrases vocabulary, conversation, for citizenship, grammar, numbers etc. Once you start watching videos, YouTube will automatically recommend others to motivate you.

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3.  Use an app that suits you

In today’s world, the Internet gives you a huge advantage when it comes to language learning. Hungarian may not be the most popular choice of language, yet you will still find plenty of apps that will make the process easier. You must be familiar with DuoLingo which mainly focuses on vocabulary, but why not explore other options, such as Pimsleur, Mondly, Clozemaster or HungarianPod101? You can also give the popular tutor app, italki a go where you can browse different rates and teachers.

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4.  Find local friends

The best way to learn Hungarian is by chatting with native speakers. Mastering a new language with someone who supports you and has your back adds motivation. Otherwise, it can be easy to call it quits when things get complicated, especially with the grammar bits. Even if you are new in the country and have not established a steady circle of friends, asking your classmates or colleague to explain a tricky language rule can already act as an excellent icebreaker. However, if you try to learn Hungarian while living abroad, you may want to check out Tandem or HelloTalk to find native Hungarian speakers.

Source: canva.com

5. Establish a daily routine

Finally, designing an effective study routine customized to your preferences, schedule, learning style and more is an essential step. Try to allocate a certain amount of time every day to practice a bit of Hungarian; it can be 2 hours or a short 20 minutes. Consistency is key here! Flashcard apps such as AnkiMobile or DuoCards can also add some extra boost to your language learning process. While you are commuting or waiting in line in the supermarket, you can go through a couple of recently learned new words and phrases. This method is not only fun but will also help you kickstart your vocabulary in no time!

Source: canva.com

 Are you ready to learn Hungarian?


– Eleonora Jobst –

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