Tuesday Starts With Rainfall, But It May Be Sunny in the Afternoon


The weather may be rainy in several places on Tuesday, sleet and snow may develop temporarily on our higher mountain peaks, then in the afternoon we can only expect rain in the eastern and northeastern regions, and sleet in the higher regions, reports Időkép.

Meanwhile, the clouds may break up in several directions from the west, and the sun may shine. In several of our landscape units, the west-northwest wind can be brisk, sometimes even strong. In the morning, the temperature is between -1 and +5, during the day it will be between 2 and 9 degrees.

By Wednesday morning, mist and fog will form in many places, and then during the day, gloomier and sunnier landscapes may alternate. Only scattered light rain, one or two showers may develop, but snow may also occur in some places at the beginning. The westerly wind can be strong in the north. In the morning, there may be light frost in several places, and during the day the thermometers may show 4-8 degrees.

On Thursday, there will be a lot of clouds in the sky, light rain or even snow may develop in some places, temporarily minor snowfall is also possible in the higher regions. Air movement will not be significant. During the day, the highest temperature can be between 1 and 6 degrees.


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