Béla Merkely does not recommend the third vaccination to everyone


You can already book an appointment on the eeszt.gov.hu ​​website or you can request a third vaccination from your family doctor. So far, 35,000 have booked an appointment, and 14,000 have already received it.

The Index noticed that Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University, does not recommend the third vaccine to everyone.

According to the expert, there is likely to be a fourth wave, but it will not be as severe as the second or third epidemic wave at all.

He also said the third vaccine is mostly recommended for the people with weak immune system and the elderly. For everyone else, the most important thing is to take the first two vaccines, as it also provides tremendous protection against the virus.

Merkely also talked about not recommending vaccination to young people at all. It is also not recommended for pregnant women to take the vaccine

– can be heard in the conversation with Balázs Fürjes, Secretary of State for the Development of Budapest and the Capital Agglomeration.



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