100 Hectares of Forest Was on Fire Near Miskolc

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100 hectares of forest burned, and it is not known how the animals survived the destruction of the flames.


The pine forest on the outskirts of Miskolc, in Bükk, between Jávorkút and Lillafüred, burned on an area of ​​about one hundred hectares, which started on the afternoon of Friday, July 1st.

Apart from the disaster prevention operations service, the professional firefighters from Miskolc, Diósgyőr, Tiszaújváros, Kazincbarcika, Ózd and Szerencs, as well as the volunteer firefighters from Mezőcsát started extinguishing the fire, which was put out by dawn on Saturday.

Although the rain during the night also helped the extinguishing, the flames could only be stopped at the cost of a serious struggle: 44 professional firefighters with 14 vehicles and 12 volunteers with 2 vehicles stopped the spread, mostly with hand tools and backpack sprayers, since most places could not be reached by fire trucks, the spokesperson of the county disaster said.

The extent of the damage is not yet known. Employees of the Bükki National Park are conducting an on-site inspection, so they will also inspect the affected area from the air with a drone. According to estimates, 100 hectares of pines, shrubs and bushes burned.

It is not yet known how the animals survived the incident, or what destruction the flames caused in the forest wildlife. Establishing all this will be part of a longer process.



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