Deer Wandered Into the Center of Miskolc

Local News

People encountered the animal in the Szentpéteri kapu Cemetery and on Kis-Hunyad Street.


The photojournalist of received took a photo of a deer in the Szentpéteri kapu Cemetery on Sunday. Despite the presence of humans, the wild animal behaved completely calmly, walked among the visitors, grazed a bit and then walked away, the portal writes.

According to their report, the experts who arrived at the scene shot the animal. They probably chose this method because any other solution could have confused the deer, which could have become dangerous for hundreds of cemetery visitors.

Krisztián Lehoczky, the head of the Mályi Bird Rescue Station, said that the video made on Kis-Hunyad Street clearly shows that the animal is panting, tired and using its last strength.

“A healthy, vigorous wild animal normally avoids people by far and does not behave so calmly. It is probable that for some reason the deer was chased away so he could get into town and eventually lay down in the cemetery because of that” – he detailed.

Krisztián Lehoczky advises that if anyone spots a game in such circumstances, do not approach it, do not caress it, and do not try to capture it, because if the animal still has enough strength to defend itself, it can even cause a fatal wound. In this case, always call the police on 112 or the territorially competent hunting company.


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