The unscrupulous defendant paid with 46 knife stabs for the trust

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The Miskolc Tribunal sentenced the 41-year-old defendant to life imprisonment as a multiple recidivist for the crime of murder for profit, with special cruelty, and to the detriment of a person with limited ability to prevent the crime due to old age. According to his provision, the accused cannot be released on parole from his sentence in the prison. The court also confiscated property against him for HUF 120,000.

The accused, who is engaged in an unemployed, homeless lifestyle, met the 70-year-old victim living in a condominium at the Borsod county seat through the occasional landlord. On one occasion, when the victim left his apartment keys, his landlord asked the accused to return it to his owner. However, one of the key pieces remained with the accused. The day after Christmas 2018, considering his existential situation to be hopeless, he decided to ask for a loan from the victim. In the early hours of the morning, with the keys he had unlawfully withheld, he entered the stairwell by opening the fence gate and the front door of the condominium and knocked on it. The old man emerging from his bed opened the door and even let his casual acquaintance into his apartment, who was carrying a sports bag with clothes inside and a knife 10 cm long.

The accused in the kitchen attacked the unsuspecting man with this knife. In order to obtain his money, he was stabbed or cut at least forty-six times throughout his body with moderate or above force, but even on the floor he abused the victim, who was barely able to defend himself.

He then covered it with a blanket, then searched the apartment for 120,000 HUF, then changed clothes. When he left, he threw off his bloody clothes, along with his knife and the keys to the apartment, to a garbage can at a nearby gas station. He fled to Debrecen, where he hid with his acquaintances. He was detained by the police a week later. The victim’s body was found by a relative on the second day after the attack.

The prosecution took note of the verdict. The accused and his defense counsel appealed for the purpose of classifying a lesser offense, for the purpose of reducing punishment and criminal costs, and for avoiding expulsion from parole. According to the Debrecen General Prosecutor’s Office, both the classification of the crime and the sentence imposed are lawful. The killing carried out with blatant brutality caused particular agony to the weaker-bodied elderly victim, who had no real chance of defending himself. Due to the crime of robbery, embezzlement and invasion of privacy, the indifference of the accused, who has previously been sentenced to several times, longer prison terms, stems from his distorted personality. Ruthless and oversized violence justifies a direct perpetrator’s intent. The Attorney General’s Office therefore sought a finding that the accused expressly wished the victim’s death when he took his life.

Based on the defense appeals, the Debrecen Arbitration Board decides in the second instance.

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