New Owner for Hotel Aranybika

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Debrecen does not live with its pre-emption rights; Boros- a local entrepreneur- is the one who buys the hotel from the bank.

Three years ago the lights of the Aranybika were out. The hotel had debts towards the electricity provider E.On, for which it stopped providing the hotel with its services. On 11 December 2012 the crediting bank made a purchase offer on the condition that the owners of the property – József Boros and the municipality – renounce their pre-emption rights.

László Papp, Deputy Mayor, confirmed that the town has no intentions to live with its rights, but they are content to become cooperative partners with József Boros.

The sale and purchase contract between the liquidator (Imre Buga) and the bank must be signed by the beginning of February. József Boros, who had started his catering career at the Aranybika, is a successful entrepreneur for many years. He has plans with the hotel, which will be consulted with the town leaders as well.




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