Marijuana as herbal tea

Local News Police

The officers of NAV seized more than 30 kg of marihuana in a bus with Romanian registration plate.

The bus was crossing the border at Ártánd and was headed for Italy. The officers searched the bus and the luggage of the passengers and found 3 bags which contained green plants. Nobody claimed ownership of the bag but a wallet found in one of them revealed that the owner was a Romanian woman, a passenger on the bus who then, acknowledged being the owner. The signals of the drug dogs proved the presence of marijuana.
The owner of the bags said that she had received them from a young man who told her to give them to a man in Italy. He said that the bags contained herbs which the man in Italy needs for his sickness. The officers of NAV seized the plants and handed over the case to the responsible police headquarters. The police arrested the woman carrying the bag.

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