Mice in Tesco stores

Local News

Nearly 200 Tesco stores have been examined by the authorities. They found traces of pest sin 8 stores.

”Some of the Hungarian Tesco stores are infested by mice.”- reported a Hungarian newspaper in May. Consequently, inspections started in 187 of Hungary’s 205 Tesco stores. In 8 of them, traces of pests were found. So far, the authorities imposed fines of 745.000 HUF in total and will continue imposing further fines.
There are 6 Tesco stores in Hajdú-Bihar County. All of them were checked on 10-11 May. The comprehensive examination covered almost everything. The inspectors checked whether the stores carry out rodent and pest control regularly, whether sanitation and waste management is adequate and whether the employees have the papers proving that they meet health requirements. The examinations were extended not only to the selling areas but also to the warehouses and the bakeries. István Tischler, director of Food Safety and Animal Health Directorate announced that the authorities had found everything in order in the 6 stores in Hajdú-Bihar and that no traces of pests had been discovered.

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