Murder suspects in pre-trial detention

Local News Police

Those two men who assaulted a 48-year old man in his apartment in Bocskaikert on 4 May 2011 are already in pre-trial detention.

Having suffered life-threatening injuries, a man was taken to hospital on 4 May, 2011. He and another man who was staying in the flat were assaulted by unknown perpetrators who then stole nothing else but a screwdriver, a sweater and a cap. Then they went to a nearby house, threatened the man living there, took a can of beer and a radio and then left the apartment.
The Hajdú-Bihar County Crime Department started an investigation immediately due to which a 24-year old local man was arrested the following day. He admitted that he had been one of the perpetrators. Five days after this, his 31-year old accomplice was also arrested. The injuries of the 48-year old man were so severe that despite careful medical care he died on 8 May.
The two suspects are being prosecuted for committing murder, mayhem and robbery.

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