Evictions start at the beginning of June

Local News

Cívis Ház Zrt. has a debt of about 130 million HUF so those non-paying tenants who live in municipal flats may be forced to move out in June. The company states that some 40 of its clients are involved – they have accumulated substantial arrears.

The local government lets more than 3000 dwellings many of which are in Petőfi Square. Some of the tenants don’t pay the rent regularly.
The legal representative of the company says that currently they have 150 pending litigation cases, in 40 cases the court has already ordered eviction but it takes time for the executive to fix the date. The litigation may take a year and a half during which time the tenant may accrue a debt of up to a million HUF. Nevertheless, Cívis Ház Zrt. always ties to come to an agreement with the tenants.
Cívis Ház Zrt. initiates an eviction process against tenants if they accumulate a large amount of debt and don’t strive to settle it. The non-paying tenants owe a total of 127 million HUF to the company.

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