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The road between Böszörményi Street and Kertváros Street and in Akadémia Street will be populated by street artisans, cheese producers, wine makers and comedians.

What contributes to the creation of good atmosphere are the usual “props” of the fairs of old times: the fairground entertainers, a fairground barker, the broker, the boy whistlers, the musicians and finally the customers reveling in the fair.

The III. Fair of Old Times abounds in novelties. For the first time, regions will be presented in the fair. In the “Hortobágy” tent, girls will have the possibility to make traditional dresses for their dolls and can sing along with shepherds. Interested ones can taste plum “pálinka” and plum jam made by members of “Szatmár Beregi Szilvaút Egyesület”. The “Cheese Caravan” presents different types of cheese made of Hungarian milk.
“Füvestekert” offers countless numbers of healing products made by craftsmen. Visitors can buy homemade jams and syrups, innovative foods and truffle specialties. The workers of the I-Bolt are preparing a surprise show for those who wish to have astounding experience.
A fairground clown, comedians and different programmes await children on both days of the fair. Employees of the Debrecen animal shelter will do face painting and will introduce puppies who are in search of owners. From 5.30 pm, Friday until Sunday night some DKV buses (14, 34, 34A, 35, 35A, 35Y, 351, 36, 36A) will run on a detour.

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