395 people lose job in June

Local News

The Debrecen Meat Group, a Szolnok based company decided to reduce its capacity by closing the Debrecen factory.

In March the local newspapers wrote that the company wanted to reduce its output capacity and maybe dismiss part of its workforce. Now it turned out that the company had resolved to make a more drastic step: closing the Debrecen factory.
The company is the second most dominant player in the Hungarian meat market. They decided to close their Mosonmagyaróvár division not long ago and now the Debrecen plant is the next one to face its destiny. We wanted to ask how many employees will be laid off by the Debrecen Meat Group Ltd. but as an answer we only got an imperative to send our request by e-mail. We are still waiting for their reply. In the meantime, we managed to get in touch with the president of the Meat Workers’ Union. Mr Kapuvári said that on June 30 395 people would lose their job.
The Meat Workers’ Union protested against the closure. The union opposes any redundancy, especially ifit happens because of losing profit. They stress that most of the employees will found themselves in very difficult situation. The management of the company will consult the union of those laid off to make a social plan.

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