What you eat is what you are

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The guests of the University of Debrecen Day were free to taste the bio products in the Life Science Building on 5th of February as this year’s conference centered on food. The theme of the all day-long programs was healthy diet and nutrition.

“We know that questions about food and food industry bother people and there are lots of myths in connection with these. Among other things we want to destroy these myths.” – said Istvan Fabian, university rector. Interested one could get to know, for example, that especially those greases are harmful to health that are released when frying meet.

Experts pointed out that the secret of tasty food lies in good quality domestic ingredients. They also said that domestic food is of better quality because it doesn’t contain as much additives as foreign food.
“It is very important that the natural circumstances of Hungary are really favourable, the soil is less contaminated, we use less fertilizers and chemicals than most of the other West-European countries do. I think the possibilities for making healthy food are given.” – said Janos Nagy, president of the Agricultural Center.
In the future, only those foods will be labeled Hungarian which are made almost exclusively of domestic ingredients.

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