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The construction of the second tram line of Debrecen has begun. The contractor cut down 69 trees on the nearly 1 km-long road section between Nador Street and Bekessy Bela Street.

The new rails are going to be laid down there soon. Contrary to previous reports, the middle alley on Dozsa Gyorgy Street will stay. In autumn, they will plant one and a half as many trees as they cut down now.

Tram1 and 2 will run on the same rails between Railwaytsation (Nagyallomas) and the Teachers College (Tanítokpzo Foiskola) but then tram 2 will turn down to Hunyadi Street and will run at the right sight of the road. On the Dozsa Gyorgy Street section, the rails will be laid down in the middle, on both sides of the alley. Between Nador Street and the last stop, the new trams will run on the left side of the road. First, the rails might be constructed between Nador Street and Bekessy Bela Street; that is why the trees are being cut down there. A total of 69 trees must be cut down. They are stripped off their branches, chopped, brought to the AKSD premise and will be sold later. The local government had it written in the contract that the trees must be supplanted. They will plant one and a half as many of them as they cut down. This will be done by a sub-contractor, section by section.
“Our task is to set green areas in order and to cut down trees. First we cut them down, then we re-plant the sections with trees and then with grass. “- said Jozsef Meszaros, executive director of Meszaros Diszfaiskola Kft, to the local DTV.
On the first section, they will cut down the trees in 4-5 days. Then comes the construction of the rails, if the weather permits it.

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