Smog alert in Debrecen

Local News

On Monday morning, January 31, a smog alert was initiated because there was too much dust in the air of Debrecen. The local government asks everyone to leave their cars at home if possible.

This was not yet an alert level, only information level at which local governments ask citizens to restrain themselves. In this case, they asked the Debrecen citizens to avoid driving – especially diesel cars- and to use public transportation, ride bikes or walk.
According to the weather forecast, no significant change in the weather was expected in the following period so the air quality won’t improve considerably either. Therefore the smog alert might reach a higher level and restrictions in the city might be made.
Inhaling dust hurts particularly those who suffer from respiratory ailments but it also weakens the healthy.
“Since the mucous membrane of the bronchia is damaged, viral infections, bronchitis and pneumonia are more likely.” – said Dr. Erzsebet Takacs, allergologist to local DTV.
If possible, those suffering from a respiratory illness, as well as old people and children should avoid staying in the open air. Airing should be done at noon or in the early afternoon.

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