Trespassing- Trans(a)gressive Millennium

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“Trespassing is a gesture that creates doubts in us, conceited visitors” – these were the fitting words of Gabor Gulyas, the director of the Modem at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on 15th of January.

Gabor Gulyas thinks it would be a mistake to believe that the place where agony and ecstasy, sin and atonement, faith and blasphemy exists hand in hand must undoubtedly be the limbo.

It is our world where nations are subdued under the flag of freedom, independence and democracy without any remorse” – explained Tara who has often been criticized because of his works.
He believes that any resistance to the guilty is acceptable, including the resistance expressed by arts without any boundaries or regrets.

Tara Sorin was born in 1974, in Ludus as the descendent of Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon ancestors. He is a stubborn, sensitive and highly productive artist. His exhibition displaying more than one hundred of his pictures and objects is a selection of his works that have been made in the last 10 years. Some of his works were displayed at the Modem exhibition entitled Messiahs but Trespassing- Trans(a)gressive Millennium is his first individual exhibition in Hungary.

In his works –some of which are sketchy, some are minutely detailed- he represents coffins, angel wings, crests, weapons with graphite or felt-tip pen and he often makes his implications obvious by specific inscriptions.

He is concerned with Trianon, Mohacs, the Afghanistan war and the Beslan school hostage crisis. He reuses torn, unwanted maps or other presentation equipments from old, Saxon schools or plates that were used in churches before.

The unique combinations of bones, ropes, teeth and nails on his objects are just as offensive as the ones in his drawings.

On national and international level he is represented by Anaid Art Gallery in Bucharest, the owner of which came into contact with Tara 5 years ago.

“He almost never stops working”- says Diana Dochia who then mentions portrait series, various German and Dutch projects and an abandoned church in Sibiu county which is being transformed into an art center by Tara who received the assignment from Istru Foundation.

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