Together they pray for mankind

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“..They endured in the teaching of the apostles.” This quote from the book of Apostles deeds is the chosen main thought of this year`s ecumenical week which began on Sunday.

The Christians of Debrecen pray together for a week, every day at a different church of a different denominations. The christian churches organizing these weeks since 1908.

Good to be together – with these words opened the week Andras Fekete /greek catholic parson Sunday. Protestants, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists and Greek Catholics gather and pray together leaving aside the differences to praise the Lord and be one in Christ.

Every night from Sunday at 5pm a different church from a different denomination is waiting for the believers. The ecumenical week`s money will goes to the foster care network of the Reformed Church. They will spend the money on meals for poor kids.

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