Borsodi National Indoor Soccer

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The Hungarian Football Federation organises the Borsodi National Indoor Soccer Championship in January. 19 teams are participating in the tournament which began on 9 January in Nyiregyhaza and will end on 30 December in Debrecen.

Following the qualifiers in Szeged, Nyiregyhaza and Szombathely, the finals will be held in Debrecen.
From the 19 teams, 7 will get into the final round and Debrecen VSC is automatically in the final.
From every group, the teams finishing at the first and second places will make it to the final that will be held in Fonix Hall. At this point the field will be divided to two groups again and the teams will play with each other again. The matches will be played on 30 by 40 m fields by 1 goalkeeper and 5 field players.

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