Moldavian man caught with drugs on his back

Local News Police

The Prefecture of Police in Berettyoujfalu is prosecuting a 51 year old Moldavian man who is suspected of drug smuggling on reasonable grounds.

The man was checked by the watch patrols of the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV) at the Artand border crossing in the early morning on Friday, 7th of January 2011. The patrols found cigarettes without tax stamp in his package and, on searching through his clothes, they discovered 2 packets fastened to his back and another one in his coat. The packets contained some kind of green plant – supposedly cannabis- in a ground form. A police dog also gave an affirmative signal while checking the packets. The man was taken into custody and arrested by the Debrecen City Court on Sunday.
Only peer review can reveal the type of and the exact quantity of the active substances in the seized material. Which police authority will continue the proceedings depends on the result. At present, the case is investigated by the Crime Division of the police station in Biharkeresztes.

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