Household debt increase in Debrecen

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In the last year compared to 2010 both the Debrecen Waterworks and TIGAZ reported a greater amount of consumer debts towards their companies.

The Heath provider company said that their customers did not increased their debts. The companies expect that the the people will pay back most of their debts otherwise they have to penalize the consumers.

Although most homes use natural gas, no money has been left out at Christmas to pay the bills. After the shopping many households left without money. The Tigaz consumers almost doubled the amount of debt in 2010 compared to last year`s data. Altough the debt consolidation options their consumers has a 10 billion Huf debt. This extremely high amount is split fifty-fifty amongst residential and business consumers. The consumers of the waterworks accumulated more than 200 million Huf debt more than the expected amount.

All service providers warn their consumers to pay in time and sort out their debts to avoid court or harsh implementation.

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