Alexandria is Debrecen`s 16th twin-city

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The general assembly of Debrecen adopted the resolution that the Egyptian coastal metropolis will be Debrecen`s 16th twin-city.

The Egyptian party initiated the connection at the Hungarian Embassy in Cairo and requested to make stronger relation with a Hungarian city. Hajdu-Bihar county`s Chamber of Commerce and the University of Debrecen already have excellent relations with Alexandria and its University.

The Chamber and the University also expressed the intention to establish twinning relationship so the assembly had the backing to authorize mayor Lajos Kosa to perform his task. The mayor said that the future agreement of the two cities allows new and prosperous opportunities in economy, trade, science, education and culture.

With more than 4 million inhabitants, Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city in the western part of the estuary of the river Nile on the Mediterranean Sea coast, about two hundred kilometers north of Cairo.
The city is the most important and biggest port in Egypt with huge industrial capacities due to the oil and gas pipelines passing through.
And is a major tourist destination in the area as one of the most famous ancient city which was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.
The Modern Alexandria is home to many universities, among them the internationally prized training provider Alexandria Institute of Technology.

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