The county`s homeless spend the winter in Debrecen

Local News

They trying to survive the freezing conditions in Debrecen. They mainly come from surrounding towns and from places
where no shelters and nowhere to hide.

This winter already take a toll with 22 homeless people froze to death but that kind of tragedy had not occured in our city.

A homeless man stated that the shelter homes not so popular among the homeless because they fear from thefts that they losing their important values.
Hajduszoboszlo has no shelters since 2005. The homeless used the railway station to hide from freezing but the new railway police closing the building after 11pm. There are no night shelters since 2005.
Experience has shown that a list of county towns, where there is no place for them the majority of homeless people move to Debrecen. Here is it easier to survive and receive other help too.

Debrecen has night shelters but still 100-120 people spend their nights in the open air or in unheated huts in the forest. The staff of the ReFoMix Ltd. providing food and hot tee to them on a daily basis. The homeless patients has medical treatment in one of the MD`s surgery.

The team of Refomix Ltd.,hope the condition of homeless people will not deteriorating during the winter and there will be now deaths among them.

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