High water level

Local News

High water levels also threatened houses in Debrecen.

The local government allocated extra funds to protect the city from high water levels. They use more pumps and more staff then before outskirts of Debrecen to save buildings and houses surrounded by water.

Even the animals did not tolerate a lot of water. The streets in this area like a lake. The plaster of the houses already missing from a couple of houses because of the rising water.
Over the past one and a half day due to the rain firefighters had to return to pump out water from houses. The firefighters will only able to help if the water threaten houses. If the weather will be dryer they can start to
remove the water from other buildings and gardens.

Many residents turn to the local government for help everyday. Tamas Baranyi said that the city`s government will allocate more money to help in the crisis.

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