Bike globetrotter in Debrecen

Local News

Randolph Westphal met with mayor Lajos Kosa on 26th of November in front of the Old Town Hall. The world famous biker met with young people and members of the diocese in the hall of the Great Reformed Church.

His programme in Debrecen has been organized by the Hospice Foundation, Tourinform Tourist Office and the Kor Dama Association.
Randolph is a Guiness-recorder. Over the past 23 years (accompanied by his dogs) cycled more than 170 000 kilometers. During his trips he has been in many countries in several continents. The 52-year-old German man launched his first trip in 1987 when he was diagnosed with skin cancer in America. Doctors told him that he only has couple of months left. He did not give up, and once again set off with his dog, who was his only family member designed to force people to never give up the hope to staying alive.

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