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Leaders of Debrecen expect the decrease in the number of crimes and vandalism from the further expansion of the video surveillance system. The municipality spends 10 million Huf on new cameras.

The police monitors the recordings 24/7. The main square and the Hal koz already among the "safe"
areas and the Ruin garden (back of the Great Reformed Church) has cctv too.

They will add 5 new cameras placed in crowded places to the existing 10 devices and they also modernize the control center at the police station. The authority said that the new system will be more successful discovering crime.

The camera systems serves the greater protection of citizens so feel free to walk around in public places sit down on the benches if you like. The recordings accepted as a strong evidence by courts explained Attila Uzonyi from Debrecen police.

The scheme envisages further expansion of the cctv system in the city. If they receive external source 35 new cameras will be installed next year but they are also prepared if they have to expand from the city`s budget.

It is planned that in 2011, the Petofi and Segner squares, the university and the big housing estate areas will join to the system. It is planned to install cameras, which can easily be moved.

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