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Zoltan Pajna the new chairman of the Northern Great Plains Regional Development Council want to accelerate the dibursement of the EU funds. Andras Fodor will lead the Development Agency.

"Currently our most important task is to accelerate the already granted plans and proposals because often takes unreasonably long time to receive the payments. In theaction planof 2009/2010 a 216 billion Huf is available of which 89 billion is contracted and only 39 billion has been payed. Faster administration procedure
can be the key of competitiveness." said the new chairman.

There are big differences inside the region and we have to focus on reducing these. In the period of 2011-2013 the economic development, job creation and human infrastructure will be the top priorities.
the council`s work will be assisted by the Development Agency whit Andras Fodor`s leadership.
According to the information of the local tv channel the council has an annual 1 billion Huf operational fund.

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