A thousand forints off to students

Local News University

In September all students, pensioners and persons with young kids will receive a 1000Huf assistance to their month passes.

The General Assembly of the City of Debrecen adopted the FIDESZ`s proposal on last Thursday.
In January, the DKV issued the new 30-day ticket system. This meant that the pass was valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Due to the difficulty of controlling the new system and abuse the local transport company returned to the previous ticket system.
The pass is valid from the first day of the month till the 5th day of the following month.
After a lot of criticism the FIDESZ faction of the Assembly suggested that in September due to the difficulties students, pensioners and persons with young kids have to pay 1000Huf less for the monthly pass.
The local government will pay 43.5 million Huf to the DKV in October.

The proposal was backed by all members of the assembly.
The full price of the student month pass is 3180 HUF.

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