The Child of Two Famous Spanish Actors is Accused of Dismembering a Surgeon


The son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, a popular actor couple in Spain, is accused of dismembering a Colombian man on the Thai resort island of Ko Phangan.

According to the local police, 29-year-old Daniel Sancho Bronchalo premeditated the murder and then dismembered 44-year-old Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, whose body parts he wrapped in plastic bags in threw it on a garbage dump and in the sea, to cover up the crime. After the human remains were found, the Spanish man, who works as a chef and runs his own YouTube channel, went to the police himself to report Arteaga missing, but eventually confessed to killing him. According to Thai media reports citing police sources, Sancho, who was on vacation in the tourist paradise of the Samui Islands, known as the cradle of the full moon party, told the police that they had a romantic relationship, he wanted to break up, but the victim refused to accept it.

A video taken by a security camera shows the two men together on a motorcycle. On Sunday, the suspect showed the police seven locations where he hid parts of the dismembered body. The killer’s father, Rodolfo Sancho, is a popular actor in Spain, he is the main character of the popular fantasy series El Ministerio del Tiempo (Ministry of Time).