A new viral mutation has been identified in India


A new mutation of the coronavirus has been identified in the Indian state of Maharashtra, the virus variant has been given the name delta plus, the Hindustan Times wrote on Monday.

Delta plus mutation has been identified in four districts of Maharashtra in a total of twenty infected organisms (B.1.617.2.1). Samples taken from them were forwarded for genetic sequencing so that their characteristics could be studied.

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajes Tome confirmed that he had already received the sequencing report from the CSIR-IGIB Genetic Institute. The report will be discussed at an expert meeting on Monday.

The new virus variant is a mutation in a strain of the virus named delta identified in India in March. The infectivity of the delta, like that of the British and Brazilian mutations, is stronger than the “original” coronavirus identified a year and a half ago in Wuhan, China.



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