Government Grants Support Health-Care Supply Production Capacity

Economy National

Three companies have completed a combined 2.5 billion forints’ (EUR 7m) worth of investments supported by government grant money earmarked for projects to boost Hungary’s self-sufficiency in the production of health-care supplies, the finance minister said.


F-Team spent 825 million forints on an automated production line for disinfectant at its base in Jásztelek, in eastern Hungary. The investment was supported with 782 million forints in grant money, Mihály Varga said on Facebook. Karsai Alba invested close to 1.2 billion forints in capacity to make masks and packaging for immune system fortifying vitamins, supported with 1.1 billion forints, at its plant in Székesfehérvár, in western Hungary. Prement spent 520 million forints on capacity to 3D print medical equipment at its factory in Győr, in north-western Hungary. It was matched with 489 million forints in grant money. Varga noted that investments supported in the framework of the scheme, launched during the early phase of the pandemic, have made Hungary self-sufficient in surgical mask production.


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